Drug Solutions Podcast: The Criticality of Training in Aseptic Processing

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In this episode of the Drug Solutions Podcast, Meg Rivers, senior editor, discusses the importance of proper training for aseptic processing with Patrick Nieuwenhuizen, director senior consultant, PharmaLex.

Just how important is training for aseptic processing? Human error is one of the biggest pitfalls for contamination in aseptic processing, and the proper training of staff continues to be of the utmost importance. In this Drug Solutions Podcast episode, Patrick Nieuwenhuizen, director senior consultant, PharmaLex, shares how important training is for aseptic processing along with:

  • Environmental controls
  • The differences in aseptic processing for small and large molecules
  • How single-use technologies impact aseptic processing
  • How aseptic processing can be better automated
  • And much more.


About the Speaker

Patrick Nieuwenhuizen, director senior consultant for PharmaLex Ireland, is a quality professional with a microbiology and sterile manufacturing background with more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He worked for several global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies across a variety of platforms, including biologics, sterile fil-finish, and solid oral dose. In addition, Patrick is a qualified lead auditor and SME in quality control, sterility assurance, new facility design/upgrade, and risk facilitator for quality risk management.

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