Dyadic in License Agreement with Alphazyme

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The companies have entered into a sub-licensing agreement to develop products based on Dyadic’s C1 expression platform and Alphazymes’ enzyme technology.

On May 6, 2019, Dyadic International, a biotechnology company specializing in a proprietary C1 gene expression platform, announced that it has entered into a sub-licensing agreement with Alphazyme, a biotech company focused on molecular biology enzymes for custom DNA and RNA molecules, genomic medicines and genetic testing.

"We are very pleased to announce this sub-licensing agreement with Alphazyme," said Mark Emalfarb, Dyadic's CEO, in a company press release. "Alphazyme shares our vision, which is to lower the cost of healthcare and provide more affordable medicines and diagnostic tools that will benefit the general public. The focus of Alphazyme matched with the power of our C1 technology makes this a very exciting opportunity for both companies. We believe this sub-licensing agreement, which includes an equity stake, milestone payments, and royalties upon the commercialization of C1-expressed Alphazyme products, further demonstrates the diversity of applications our C1 gene expression platform may help address."

"The molecular tools industry is fast approaching a critical constraint in its ability to produce the quantities of the enzyme tools required to drive large-scale production and detection of DNA and RNA. We believe that C1, after Dyadic's decades of investment into optimizing the organism for maximum protein production, is the ideal manufacturing platform upon which Alphazyme will unlock the market for low-cost, high-volume molecular enzymes. We are thrilled to partner with Dyadic, who are experts in ultra-high efficiency protein production, to tackle this global challenge," said Mr. Benoit, founder and CEO of Alphazyme, in the press release.


Source: Dyadic International