Elan Drug Technologies – World's Leading Drug Delivery Business

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Elan Drug Technologies, the world?s leading drug delivery business, develops and manufactures innovative pharmaceuticals using their extensive experience and proprietary drug technologies in partnership with pharmaceutical companies.

Elan Drug Technologies, the world’s leading drug delivery provider, is currently celebrating its’ 40th year in business as a fully integrated drug delivery provider. From NanoCrystal® technology for poorly water soluble compounds, to customised oral drug technologies, they offer clients drug delivery expertise with a suite of commercially launched, proprietary, technology-driven solutions. Since 2001, 12 products have been approved and launched in the US alone incorporating their technologies, making Elan Drug Technologies, in terms of product launches, the most successful drug delivery company of the decade. To date Elan’s drug delivery technologies have been commercialised in 36 products in more than 100 countries worldwide.


Strength in Numbers
• 40 years in drug delivery business
• 36 products marketed in 100+ countries
• 1,900+ patents/patent applications
• 14 products in clinical development
• 250,000 sq ft dedicated GMP manufacturing facilities
• 2.5 billion solid oral dosages can be manufactured annually
• Over $20 billion in market sales generated for our licensees

They also have extensive product development, scale-up and manufacturing capabilities in the US and EU. Products enabled by them are used by millions of patients each day. More information is available at www.elandrugtechnologies.com