Emergent BioSolutions, ProMetic Life Sciences Set Manufacturing Agreement

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PTSM: Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management

PTSM: Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management-06-03-2015, Volume 11, Issue 6

ProMetic Life Sciences will use manufacturing and plasma fractionation processes at Emergent BioSolutions’ Winnipeg, Canada facility.


Emergent BioSolutions reports that the company has signed a strategic long-term manufacturing agreement with ProMetic Life Sciences to provide ProMetic access to Emergent's cGMP FDA-licensed biopharmaceuticals facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

ProMetic will commence transferring its technology and manufacturing process into Emergent's Winnipeg facility as soon as possible, followed by the scale-up and manufacture by Emergent of cGMP biopharmaceuticals to enable ProMetic to pursue additional IND filings.


Under the terms of this manufacturing agreement, ProMetic is obligated to purchase at least C$4 million of capacity in the first full contract year. The minimum order amount increases over the 15-year life of the contract. The aggregate total of the minimum fees over the life of the contract is in excess of C$100 million. The agreement also provides flexibility to the parties in the event services in excess of the minimum are requested by ProMetic. These services will be charged on an as-used basis.

Source: Emergent BioSolutions