Envirotainer and Swiss WorldCargo Use Live Monitoring of Temperature-Controlled Shipments

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Envirotainer and Swiss WorldCargo have successfully completed the first commercial shipment using a new temperature-controlled air freight solution.

Envirotainer, which provides cold-chain solutions for air transportation of pharmaceuticals, announced on March 11, 2022 that the first commercial shipment using the new Releye RAP container has been successfully completed. Swiss WorldCargo, a carrier of intensive care pharmaceuticals, handled the consignment. The Releye RAP containers are temperature-controlled and allow for live monitoring during air freight, enabling insight into product condition, location, and progress of the shipment.

Three RAP units and two RAP e2 units successfully traveled from Basel, Switzerland to JFK airport in the US. The shipment was able to be monitored throughout the entire journey due to the integrated live monitoring system. In case of a critical occurrence, Envirotainer’s Control Tower service allowed a global team of operators to be ready to respond within minutes.The Releye RAP sets a new standard for temperature-controlled, large capacity solutions.


Source: Envirotainer