Etihad Cargo Achieves IATA CEIV Pharma Recertification for Pharmaceutical Logistics

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Etihad Cargo is one of the only airlines to hold IATA CEIV Pharma certification globally.

Etihad Cargo has been awarded Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) Pharma recertification by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and it is one of the only 37 airlines to hold IATA CEIV Pharma certification globally, according to the company.

The achievement of IATA CEIV Pharma certification was first achieved in 2019 in conjunction with the hub at Abu Dhabi International Airport and Etihad Airport Services Cargo. Following this, Etihad went on to become the first airline in the Middle East and the third globally to hold the trilogy of CEIV Pharma, CEIV Fresh, and CEIV Live Animals certifications.


The recertification was achieved following an audit by independent validators that assessed the carrier’s capacity to control and enhance its processes through a checklist that focused on Etihad’s Cargo’s Quality Management System that incorporates elements such as supplier management, training programs, processes and procedures, audit programs, and quality enhancement.

Reaching recertification status represents the company’s dedication to pharmaceutical transportation product PharmaLife’s full compliance with specific pharmaceutical regulations, like IATA Temperature Control Regulations (TCR), Good Distribution Practices (GDP), a quality system for warehouses and distribution centers dedicated to medications and life sciences products.

"Etihad Cargo is proud to achieve IATA CEIV Pharma recertification following an extensive audit. This industry-wide standard ensures Etihad Cargo's operations and staff comply with all applicable standards, regulations and guidelines expected from pharmaceutical manufacturers. The benefits of CEIV Pharma certification extend to Etihad Cargo's customers, who can be assured the carrier's dedicated pharma cargo management constantly monitor and analyze the quality and safety of Etihad Cargo's PharmaLife product performance,” said Martin Drew, senior vice president, Global Sales & Cargo at Etihad Aviation Group, in a press release. "Etihad Cargo fully supports Abu Dhabi's vision of becoming a life sciences and pharmaceutical hub. Achieving recertification and providing world-class pharmaceutical logistics solutions demonstrates Etihad Cargo's capabilities in seamlessly transporting life-saving medicines and the latest treatments around the world from the carrier's Abu Dhabi hub."

Source: Etihad Cargo