evitria Licenses mAbsolve Gene Silencing Technology

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Evitria has entered into an agreement with mAbsolve that will allow the company to use mAbsolve’s gene silencing technology in their antibody cells.

evitria, a transient chinese hamster ovary (CHO) expression service provider, announced the closing of a license agreement with mAbsolve, a biotechnology company, on March 10, 2022. The agreement will grant evitria access to mAbsolve’s gene silencing technology for use in their antibody cells.

Per the terms of the agreement, evitria will supply clients with antibodies bearing STR silencing modifications, which clients will then be able to use in their experiments without needing to secure additional R&D licenses. These clients will also have access to technical support and commercial-term certainty from mAbsolve.

“We are excited to add the STR technology into our antibody engineering and modification capabilities,” said Christian Eberle, CEO, evitria, in a company press release. “STR has been shown to outperform all other modifications for generating truly silent Fc-domains and fits perfectly with our best-in-class approach at evitria.”


“We cannot wait to get STR into the hands of more researchers,” said Geoff Hale, CEO, mAbsolve, in the press release. “evitria’s focus on high quality CHO expression means that it is perfectly positioned to offer our technology to the therapeutic market, and we look forward to supporting their clients with this technology.”

Source: evitria AG