Evonik Launches New EUDRATEC Technology to Improve Solubility of Oral Small Molecules

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Evonik has launched new EUDRATEC technology to improve solubility and performance of oral small molecules.

Evonik has launched a new microparticle technology, EUDRATEC SoluFlow, to improve solubility of APIs in oral drug products. This emulsion-based technology is used to overcome solubility issues in oral small molecules.

The technology is able to improve solubility in oral drugs by turning them into a free-flowing powder of the amorphous solid dispersion (ASD). ASD reduces the complexity of post-processing steps by its ability to be easily compressed into tablets or filled into capsules. This process also creates the ability to manufacture uniform microparticles with a controlled target size. More than 70% of new small molecules are insoluble, making EUDRATEC a unique technology that enables the development of new oral therapeutics for a range of diseases.

“Our new technology opens doors to a wider spectrum of oral drugs by enabling the use of molecules that were previously considered insoluble,” said Paul Spencer, head of the product line Drug Delivery & Medical Device Solutions at Evonik’s Health Care business, in a press release. “We look forward to working with customers to develop oral drugs for better, healthier lives.”


Source: Evonik