Exhibitor News: Day 1

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Eriez, Zeon Chemicals

Eriez Presents New X-Ray Inspection System

Eriez (Erie, PA, www.eriez.com) is displaying its new “E-Z Tec” X-ray inspection systems at Interphex 2007 Conference and Exhibition. The  system is primarily used to monitor products for metal contaminants. Unlike most metal detection systems, which simply scan product for metals and set off an alarm if metal is found, E-Z Tec gives a complete picture of the product, allowing quality control personnel to identify contaminants, scan for missing or broken products, detect packing voids, and confirm fill levels.
The system features a 15-in. touch screen with full-color display. E-Z Tec also automatically analyzes product variations in order to achieve optimum sensitivity throughout production and eliminate the need for frequent calibration.

Microfluidics Introduces Aseptic Fluid ProcessorMicrofluidics (Newton, MA, www.microfluidicscorp.com) unveiled its standardized “Aseptic M-7250CP” constant pressure system for biopharmaceutical applications. The processor is part of its “Microfluidizer” processor line. The M-7250CP system’s architecture enables machine control integration, function, and data recording onto one common platform. Standard features a data acquisition station to continuously monitor, record, and print digital testing data for temperature, pressure, and flow; steam in place capabilities for aseptic processing environments; and ultra clean in place capabilities that eliminate the need to disassemble for cleaning between batches or before storage. The M-7250CP processor maintains a constant pressure profile during operation. Applications include cell disruption, nanoemulsions (with and without an active pharmaceutical ingredient), microencapsulation, and deagglomeration. The company also featured its “M-7125” and “M-7250” enhanced biopharmaceutical processor models in basic and enhanced configurations.


Zeon's Break-Resistent Cyclo Olefin Polymer

Zeon Chemicals L.P.’s (Louisville, KY, www.zeonchemicals.com) “Zeonex” cyclo olefin polymer provides break-resistant packaging for biopharmaceuticals, high-viscosity drugs, and contrast media.
Zeonex is a high-purity polymer that is as transparent as glass, but resists breakage.  According to Brian Cail, Zeon’s business manager, it stands up well to steam, ethylene oxide, and gamma sterilization and has low water absorption, thus increasing the shelf life of the drugs in the Zeonex syringes or vials.  Zeonex can be molded into a number of shapes, including vials and syringes and pen injector cartridges from less than 10 mL to 100 mL in size.