Exhibitor News:Day 3

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Exhibitor News-Day 3

Getinge USA Inc. (Rochester, NY, www.getingeusa.com) introduced the “Getinge GEW” CGMP glassware washer/dryer that is designed to improve cleaning efficacy by quantifying organic compounds in the final rinse water. The product uses technology for total organic carbon analysis technology as an in-line process on pharmaceutical washers.

Getinge also expanded its line of “Getinge/La Calhene Disposable Component Transfer Systems using the “DPTE” double door transport port. DPTE provides validated performance for both toxic and aseptic transfers. BetaBag systems now are available with a 270 mm or 105 mm disposable transfer port to accommodate the transfer of both larger and smaller components.

Hach Ultra (Grants Pass, OR, www.hachultra.com) introduced the “Anatel PAT700,” an on-line total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer. The product features “OASIS,” which automates standards introduction into the system, and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Using an excursion sample feature, the system will automatically save a water sample for further analysis should the analyzer detect a value exceeding a preset TOC or conductivity limit during operation.

Johnson Controls, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI, www.johnsoncontrols.com) expanded its “Metasys for Validated Environments,” building management system to operate on an information technology (IT)-standard, Web services platform. As a result of these enhancements, the Johnson Control System can reside on standard IT networks using standard operating systems, hubs, routers, switches, and data exchange protocols. These new capabilities enable enterprise-wide connectivity, remote monitoring, and data acquisition, and reporting.

Millipore Corporation (Billerica, MA, www.millipore.com) unveiled several new products at Interphex., including the “Mobius MIX200” disposable mixing system, “Smart” radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology in filtration products, the “NovaSeptum” AV Accurate Volume sampling system, and the “NovAseptic” high-shear mixer. The Mobius MIX200 disposable mixing system is a modular mixing solution that uses disposable rather than stainless steel components. Millipore recently entered into an exclusive license with Tack Smart Filter Technology BV (www.tacksmart.nl) to embed RFID technology in Millipore’s filters and filtration apparatuses for biopharmaceutical applications. The NovaSeptum AV system is a closed, accurate sampling system that enables production personnel to obtain small-volume product samples.


NNE Pharmaplan (Copenhagen, Denmark, www.nnepharmaplan.com) officially launched as a joint company following NNE’s acquisition of the German engineering company Pharmaplan GmbH, in a deal completed March 31, 2007. Pharmaplan provides  NNE with expertise in the delivery of turnkey facilities, validation, and key pharmaceutical processes, and NNE provides Pharmaplan with expertise in  biotechnology, cleanrooms, and automation.

Werum Software & Systems (Parsippany, NJ, www.werum.com) is seeking to establish a common platform for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution system (MES) applications to integrate business and manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical industry. Werum achieved the first step in this integration process by achieving, “Powdered by SAP NetWeaver,” status for Werum’s MES “PAS-X” basic system, module “PAS-CAPA” version 1.0, the company announced at a press conference at Interphex on Thursday. In the next steps, Werum is going to advance the technical integration.

To achieve Powdered by SAP NetWeaver status. Werum demonstrated that the PAS-X basic system can be successfully deployed on a J2EE-based deployment of the SAP “NetWeaver Application Server” Release 6.40 and is accessible via the SAP NetWeaver Portal. This deployment was tested and certified by the SAP Integration and Certification Center.

Werum also announced that it is expanding its MES consulting services to include early preparation of MES projects. The company’s pre-project consulting services include the initial blueprinting phase, the definition of business processes, the definition of a business case, support for sandbox systems, and consulting for validation activities.