Fast Dissolve Oral Dosing of Macromolecules

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Catalent's Zydis® orally disintegrating tablet (ODT) fast-dissolve formulation is a unique, freeze-dried oral dosage form that disperses instantly in the mouth, requiring no water.



With more than 20 products launched in 50 countries, Zydis is the world's best in class ODT technology. Whether to advance pharmacokinetics through pre-gastric absorption, potentially improve patient compliance, or add marketing advantage to a valued brand, Catalent's customers draw on Zydis fast dissolve technology to potentially enhance investment value and accelerate a product's potential.


Catalent has now expanded the Zydis technology platform to overcome traditional oral delivery challenges of large molecules such as proteins, peptides, viral vaccines and allergens. Zydis Bio has the potential to deliver fast-dissolve formulations of such therapies in a patient preferred oral fast dissolve dose form, in as little as three seconds.

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