Filling and Stoppering Machine for Nested Syringes Revealed at INTERPHEX 2016

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Marchesini Group’s Extrafill, a filling and stoppering machine, contains a robotic arm gripper system designed to move like a human hand.

The Marchesini Group, a pharmaceutical packaging company headquartered in Italy with facilities in New Jersey (US), announced that the company will be showcasing Extrafill, a filling and stoppering machine for nested syringes, at INTERPHEX 2016. Extrafill is a new addition to the company’s syringe filling product line. The machine can accommodate from two to five stoppering stations and can produce 12000 pieces per hour. The machine is also equipped with peristaltic filling pumps and a statistical check by a batch weigher.  

All production phases are integrated into one monobloc unit designed to combine the two tub opening and syringe filling/stoppering operations under one isolator. Once loaded on the machine, the tub passes under the system that heats the lidding edges. The tub then passes under the opening station where a robotic arm peels off the Tyvek protective film and pushes it onto a loading belt to continue towards the filling and stoppering stations.


The robot arm is a gripper system designed to move like a human hand. Both the mechanical software of the delidding (peeling) systems have been developed by Marchesini’s R&D team with the aim of devising a specific robotized system capable of handling the product efficiently in sterile conditions. 

Source: Marchesini Group