Filling Systems Enhance Flexibility

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Optima introduces OPTIMA H4 and the Multiuse series for multiple filling operations.

Optima Pharma will showcase new filling technology at INTERPHEX 2016, including the OPTIMA H4 and the Multiuse series for multiple filling operations.  

The OPTIMA H4 from Optima Pharma accommodates filling systems based on rotary dosing pumps, peristaltic filling, and time-pressure filling. The OPTIMA H4 also contains a robot that can open the tubs and remove Tyvek paper; the robot  is installed in the filling machine section, saving space. Semi-automatic systems can also be integrated.

Multiple systems can be fitted to the standardized machine base, and a ten-position system is provided for filling. The machine achieves a standard output of up to 24,000 objects/hr but can be retrofitted to reach the level of 36,000 objects/hr. The machine can also be later upgraded with IPC (in-process control) and vacuum filling/stopper insertion without changing anything on the machine base.

The OPTIMA Multiuse series is a flexible filling and closing machine for processing nested and bulk containers. The system can process multiple kinds of nested syringe, vial, and cartridge formats. It is equipped with a transport system that processes vial ranges from 2 cc up to 30 cc at production rates up to 150 products per minute without any format change parts. Its modular design gives the end user flexibility to quickly response to changes in market/production demand.

Source: Optima Pharma