FLUID-BAG MULTI - containers for liquid and semi-solid pharmaceuticals

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Fluid-Bag Ltd provides comprehensive 900 and 1000 litre flexible IBC systems for liquid and semi-solid products, including filling and discharging equipment. The GMP compliant container system is designed to guarantee uniform liquid, maximise payload and minimise discharge residue (0.5% residue).

The MULTI container combines the flexibility and space-saving advantages of both single-trip and multi-trip containers. The container consists of:


  • a replaceable, single-trip inner container

  • a reusable multi-trip transport bag

  • a reusable steel transport pallet with 4 steel poles.

Alternative liner combinations are available, gamma irradiation is also possible. The container can be used for external transports, intermediate storage, for transport between production, store room and packing department etc.

The FLUID-BAG system is used for storage and transportation of a wide range of liquids where protection from bacteria, particle, oxidation, taste or moisture contamination is needed. The containers are widely used for ointments, lotions, suspensions and other liquid or semi-solid products.