Forge Biologics to Expand Manufacturing Facility

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CDMO Forge Biologics will accelerate its manufacturing capacity expansion using an additional $80 million in funding it recently secured.

Forge Biologics, a gene-therapy focused contract development and manufacturing organization, announced plans to accelerate expansion plans for their manufacturing facility in Columbus, Ohio on Jan. 10, 2022. The $240 million expansion is set to increase the overall manufacturing footprint of the company to over 200,000 ft².

According to a company press release, the expansion will significantly increase the number and capacity of Forge’s bioreactors, including installation of 5000-L bioreactors for large-scale current good manufacturing practice (CGMP) client needs. The company expects these to be available for client use in the latter half of 2022.

The expansion will also include 20 CGMP manufacturing suites, with the ability to add more suites in the current facility in the future. Additional automated CGMP fill/finish capabilities, designed with a cleanroom background classifications that meet European Medicines Agency requirements for late-stage clinical and commercial filling needs, will be included as well.


“We are excited to deliver on our goal of offering our clients expanded manufacturing capacity, while providing access to some of the largest suspension bioreactors available in the industry,” said Timothy J. Miller, CEO, president, and co-founder of Forge, in the press release. “This increased scale, combined with our automated fill/finish capabilities, positions Forge as an ideal partner for clients moving beyond the clinic to commercial launch and supply, particularly those needing to manufacture CGMP [adeno-associated virus therapies.]”

Forge Biologics secured the funding for the accelerated expansion through an $80 million secured financing agreement with MidCap Financial. The expansion, which was initially announced in 2021, had secured $160 million in funding prior to this agreement.

Source: Forge Biologics