Foxx Life Sciences and Thomas Scientific Partner to Simplify Media Bottle Ordering

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In the Lab eNewsletter, Pharmaceutical Technology's In the Lab eNewsletter, June 2022, Volume 17, Issue 6

Foxx Life Sciences and Thomas Scientific collaborate to simplify online ordering access to Foxx’s media bottle assembly offerings.

Foxx Life Sciences, a US-based manufacturer of biotech, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics products, entered into an online distribution agreement with Thomas Scientific in May 2022 to make selling easier for Foxx’s EZBio made-to-order media bottle assemblies (EZBio MTO). The products will be made available for customization and can be ordered through a direct-to-consumer microsite hosted on the Thomas Scientific website.

Foxx launched the EZBio MTO service in February 2021, and the service was previously only available through the Foxx website. The EZBio MTO service allows customers to select individual laboratory media bottle assembly components best suited to their project needs. Components that can be selected include the volume and material of bottle, brand of thermoplastic elastomers tubing, and type of fitting.

Through the agreement with Foxx, Thomas Scientific customers can now gain access to the EZBio service and product portfolio through a unique dedicated microsite. Compared to traditional media bottle assembly ordering, the microsite’s customization provides users with increased flexibility and offers a significant reduction in lead time, according to a May 3, 2022 press release.

EZBio MTO assemblies are available in polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified and polycarbonate. These assemblies are applicable to bioprocess storage and sterile fluid transfers that typically require regulation. The microsite’s component selectors can be used to select from more than 400 different combinations in seconds, which can cut down the standard eight-to-10-week lead time to four to six weeks in most instances, according to the companies in the press release.


"The Foxx Thomas EZBio MTO program is an SUT [single-use technology] end user game changer,” said Foxx Life Sciences President and CEO Thomas Taylor in the company press release. “A few simple clicks and you have exactly what you are looking for with your tubing, your connectors, etc. Foxx was the first in the world to create this SUT MTO program."

“This partnership with Foxx gives Thomas the ability to offer fast, flexible, single use solutions to all our customers. It significantly broadens our ability to support them in their manufacturing suites,” said Michael Klipstein, Thomas Scientific’s chief commercial officer in the press release.

Source: Thomas Scientific