G-CON and IPS to Collaborate on Turnkey Modular Projects

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The iCON brand aims to offer flexible, rapidly deployable systems for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Integrated Project Services, LLC (IPS) and G-CON Manufacturing, Inc. have launched iCON, to leverage both partners’ experience in engineering and construction, and in modular technology. The collaboration would focus on engineering using G-CON’s pre-fabricated process modules (PODs) to reduce construction costs and time to market for biopharmaceutical manufacturers.

“In our industry, we are seeing a paradigm shift away from capital intensive facilities to rapidly deployable and process intensified infrastructures,” said Maik Jornitz, CEO of G-CON. Among the additional services offered will be 3-D walkthroughs and process modeling.

“There is an overwhelming desire and need for flexibility in the biotechnology industry; we hear it every day,” said Tom Piombino, biotechnology process architect and senior director at IPS. “It is clear that the design philosophies, the science and the classic biomanufacturing processes are flexing in preparation for new and modified therapeutic platforms. iCON delivers rapid capacity scaling in a multi-platform, multi-product environment and seeks to reduce the long term delay and capital investment associated with change,” he said.


Partners describe the hallmarks of iCON’s platform as collaboration on cost effective pre-engineered building delivery and work with key bioprocess and single-use process equipment vendors, resulting in turnkey facilities that can be deployed on a fast-track basis to most regions of the world.

Source: Company press release