galenIQ™ — the smart excipient

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The isomalt based excipient range galenIQ™ is a multifunctional filler and binder. Manufactured in different grades, it is used for various direct oral applications and the corresponding processing technologies.

galenIQ™ — the smart excipient

BENEO-Palatinit’s excipient galenIQ™ (Isomalt Ph Eur, BP, USP-NF, approved also in Japan (PMDA) and China (Import Drug License)) is a range of multifunctional fillers and binders.

galenIQ™ includes grades for powder blends and compression applications as well special ground grades for processing technologies such as wet granulation, roller compaction and fluid bed agglomeration. Its broad range of different particle modifications and solubilities provides the best solution for various direct oral applications like tablets, capsule and sachet fillings.

All grades show the multifunctional characteristic such as excellent compactibility, flowability and very low hygroscopicity. galenIQ™ has a specific morphology preventing segregation and thus ensuring content uniformity, which makes it suitable for very high dose as well as low dose applications. Also, it is physically and chemically extremely stable. Derived from beet sugar it has a sweet sugarlike taste. This sweet, well balanced taste is a decisive advantage for the formulation of direct oral applications, even in combination with active ingredients of unpleasant taste profiles.


BENEO-Palatinit, part of the Südzucker Group, is a member of the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council (IPEC) and produces galenIQ™ under GMP conditions for pharmaceutical excipients.