Gamma Biosciences and Mirus Bio to Develop Lipid-Polymer Nanocomplexes

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Gamma Biosciences has announced an initiative through its subsidiary, Mirus Bio, to develop lipid-polymer nanocomplexes for improve mRNA delivery solutions.

Gamma Biosciences announced on March 22, 2022 an initiative through its subsidiary Mirus Bio, a specialist in nucleic acid delivery technology, to develop novel, highly active lipid-polymer nanocomplexes for therapeutic mRNA delivery in vivo. This initiative will help to develop improved mRNA delivery solutions using Mirus’ proprietary formulations of membrane active polymers and lipids.

“mRNA vaccines and gene therapies require efficient delivery of RNA or DNA cargo. Both RNA and DNA are large, hydrophilic macromolecules and require an ‘active nanoparticle’ to assist delivery into cells,” said Laura Juckem, PhD, vice-president of scientific operations at Mirus Bio, in the press release. “Our extensive work with viruses and viral infection processes for more than two decades has allowed us to create ‘active non-viral nanoparticles,’ which incorporate membrane-active molecules and mimic the natural behavior of viruses to carry out this process.”

“Leveraging our rationally designed polymer and lipid libraries, which are the foundation of our current range of in vitro transfection products, we are identifying novel formulations for further development and optimization,” said Dale Gordon, CEO at Mirus Bio, in the press release. “We believe newly identified polymer or lipid/polymer nanocomplex compounds will be applicable for both next-generation mRNA vaccine development and targeted mRNA-based therapeutics.”


Source: Gamma Biosciences