Gandeeva Raises $40M to Develop Novel Therapies Based on Precision Imaging of Protein-Drug Interactions

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Gandeeva raisded $40 million to advance its AI-driven cryo-EM platform, with which it will develop new therapeutics based on the precise imaging of protein–drug interactions.

Gandeeva Therapeutics, a precision biotechnology company, announced that it had raised $40 million in Series A funding on Jan. 31, 2022. This funding will go toward research that uses Gandeeva’s artificial intelligence (AI)-driven cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) platform, which aims to accelerate the discovery, design, and development of novel precision medicines.

According to a company press release, cryo-EM, combines highly innovative technologies across biochemistry, structural biology, imaging, and machine learning to characterize protein–drug interactions at an atomic level. With this new funding, Gandeeva hopes to gain further insight into targeting protein functions.

“For decades, we have known that understanding the language by which proteins are folded and function in the native context of the cell is fundamental to deciphering biology. Altered protein function is implicated in nearly every disease,” said Sriram Subramaniam, founder and CEO, Gandeeva Therapeutics, in the press release. “Gandeeva endeavors to unlock these mysteries by moving beyond recent developments in cryo-EM technology and in AI-driven approaches to structural biology by integrating these technologies in its pioneering platform. I’m thrilled to be leading an interdisciplinary and diverse team of biologists, chemists, microscopists and engineers to achieve this shared mission.”


Source: Gandeeva