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6060 Spine Road
Boulder, CO 80301
303-444-2009/ 800 255-6964

About GE Analytical Instruments

InnovOx Lab & On-Line Wastewater TOC Analyzers


GE Analytical Instruments, a division of GE Water & Process Technologies, is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art instruments for simpler, faster, and more accurate analytical measurement of contaminants in water. The global leader in instruments used to measure total organic carbon (TOC) in water, GE Analytical Instruments is known for its technical innovations and holds over 30 patents. GE Analytical Instruments is ISO 9001-2008 registered. Sievers is the leading global TOC analyzer brand for pharmaceutical applications, with thousands of installations worldwide. Sievers TOC laboratory, on-line and portable analyzers are known for their unsurpassed analytical performance and ease of use.

Sievers Family Ultrapure Water TOC Analyzers


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