Gateway 2011: Swagelok Company

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Your online Gateway to Swagelok Company in 2011

31500 Aurora Road
Solon, Ohio 44139

About Swagelok Company

A leading producer of high quality fluid system components, Swagelok offers a broad line of products designed for easy cleaning and drainability. Biopharm components meet current sanitary standards and include BPE and TS series fittings, diaphragm valves, regulators, PFA/PTFE hose, orbital welding systems and complete engineered solutions. A recently expanded regulator line now provides more flexibilty to control biopharm applications such as sparge gas, inertisation, tank blanketing, and clean steam.


Swagelok Coreflex U Series hose features a smooth-bore, PFA core hose design. This series is constructed for critical applications where flexibility and chemical compatibility are required, even at larger sizes.

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