Gateway 2012: Stäubli

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Your online Gateway to Stäubli in 2012

About Stäubli


With presence in 25 countries, Stäubli is recognized worldwide for providing unrivaled quality and innovative technology. Since 1982, Stäubli has led the development of innovative solutions to improve productivity, safety, and product quality in robotics. Stäubli offers a comprehensive product range, including 4-axis SCARA and 6-axis robots for payloads of up to 250 kg. All robotic systems operate on the CS8 controller platform, which is perfectly adpated to robotics. Today, Stäubli Robotics is the leading-edge player in robotics around the world with its engineering as effective and dependable as its sales and services. Stäubli Robotics provides high performance, innovative and flexible solutions to satisfy the requirements of each industry. Designed to work in the most hostile environments as well as cleanrooms, Stäubli robots demonstrate their efficacy under all conditions.

New Products at Stäubli

The clean, precise and highly accurate range of Stericlean six axis robots provide the ideal solution to the unique set of requirements that automation in pharmaceutical, medical, and life sciences industries demand. Stericlean is the first fully VHP (Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide) resistant robot, providing fully automated operations in an isolator or cleanroom environment.