GenScript PrioBio and Bio Immunitas Announce Platform Collaboration

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GenScript PrioBio and Bio Immunitas will work together to develop and fast track manufacturing of a novel therapeutic platform.

GenScript ProBio, a US-based contract development and manufacturing organization specializing in biologics, and Bio Immunitas, a UK-based pharmaceutical company, announced a joint collaboration on Feb. 8, 2023. The aim of this partnership is to develop and fast track manufacturing of a novel therapeutic platform for Bio Immunitas’ novel human recombinant protein (hRPP) platform.

According to a company press release, GenScript will provide investigational new drug-enabling chemicals, manufacturing, and controls services for Bio Immunitas. These are intended to accelerate the preclinical development of two recombinant protein products that will use Bio Immunitas’ hRPP platform.

“This relationship will help us realize our commitment to creating innovative, differentiated treatments for millions of patients.” said Syed Haq, CEO and chief manufacturing officer, Bio Immunitas, in the release.


“We're delighted to collaborate with Bio Immunitas to accelerate its novel therapeutic platform and expect more patients will benefit from this superior treatment.” said Brian Min, CEO, GenScript ProBio, in the release.

Source: GenScript ProBio