Gerresheimer Showcases DropControl, a New Dropper Solution for Ophthalmic Formulations, at CPHI 2022

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Gerresheimer has developed a new dropper insert for ophthalmic formulations that it is showcasing at CPHI 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Gerresheimer announced on Oct. 26, 2022 that is has developed a new dropper insert, DropControl, for use with modern ophthalmic drugs that have low viscosity. The company is showcasing the product at its booth during CPHI 2022, which is being held in Frankfurt, Germany, on Nov. 1–3, 2022.

To address the needs of an aging population with eye diseases, as well as current trends in a workforce that relies heavily on screens and monitors, pharma companies have developed new ophthalmic treatments. This new generation of eye drop solutions have modified properties that improve the efficiency and pharmaceutical effectiveness of the treatment. For such eye-drop formulations, however, the function of a conventional eyedropper requires a modification to prevent uncontrolled dropping during use, according to a company press release.

“With DropControl, Gerresheimer offers a solution to enable the use of conventional eyedropper systems in combination with the new eye drop solutions with very low viscosity,” said Niels Düring, global executive vice-president at Gerresheimer Plastic Packaging, in the press release.


DropControl is designed such that the outer part of the pipette is changed slightly. The inner part has been given an insert that is connected to the outer part. The patient can apply the eye-drops as usual, and the insert prevents uncontrolled release of the droplets, according to the press release. DropControl is suitable for all of Gerresheimer´s A, E, and F dropper bottle systems in 5 mL, 10 mL, 15 mL, and 30 mL.

Source: Gerresheimer