GSK Expands Precision Medicine Collaboration with Tempus to Accelerate R&D

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In the Lab eNewsletter, Pharmaceutical Technology's In the Lab eNewsletter, November 2022, Volume 17, Issue 11

Under the new collaboration with Tempus, GSK will have access to de-identified patient data to accelerate drug discovery, improve clinical trial design, and speed up enrollment.

GSK and Tempus, a US-based precision medicine company, announced on Oct. 18, 2022 that they have entered into a new three-year collaboration agreement under which GSK will have access to Tempus’ artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled platform. GSK’s access will include Tempus’ library of de-identified patient data, which is drawn from Tempus’ work with over 40% of oncologists in US-based academic medical centers and community hospitals.

Under the new collaboration, which will utilize AI and machine learning capability, GSK and Tempus will work together to improve clinical trial design, speed up patient enrollment, and identify drug targets. These advantages are expected to contribute to GSK’s R&D success rate and provide patients with more personalized treatment faster. The agreement has a minimum financial commitment over the span of three years. GSK has made a $70 million initial payment toward that goal and has an option to extend the agreement for an additional two years.

The new agreement builds on the existing relationship between the companies, which began in 2020 and was based on the clinical-trial enrollment of patients with certain types of cancer. GSK and Tempus are currently collaborating on an open label Phase II study, under which the companies are applying an innovative, data-driven approach that is designed to accelerate and streamline study timelines. Their approach includes expediting the protocol development and intelligent site selection in under 60 days and enrolling the study’s initial patients within three months of the study launch.

“Th[e] [new] collaboration will provide GSK with unique insights to discover better medicines and transform drug discovery. Tempus complements the work our team is already doing at the intersection of genomics and machine learning across both early discovery and clinical trials,” said Tony Wood, chief scientific officer, GSK, in a company press release.


“GSK’s data-first approach to therapeutic research aligns with our own, and we believe that Tempus has the resources and capabilities to complement GSK’s dedication to data science in a way others can’t, given the breadth and depth of our platform. We both share a commitment to providing patients with more personalized therapeutic options to help them live longer and healthier lives,” said Eric Lefkofsky, founder and CEO, Tempus, in the release.

Source: GSK