Hermes Pharma Introduces User-Friendly Desiccant Stoppers for Tube Containers

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The new patented desiccant stoppers improve the opening of tablet tubes used to contain lozenges, effervescent, and chewable tablets.

Hermes Pharma, a CDMO specializing in the development and production of user-friendly oral dosage forms, has introduced a new desiccant stopper, featuring a two-step, easy-opening technique for multi-dose tablet tube containers.

Stoppers often require some force, making them difficult to open, especially for people with weak hands or wrists, such as the elderly and those suffering from osteoporosis. The new stoppers from Hermes Pharma, designed for easy opening, has an improved finger mould grip that can be removed with a short rip of a safety ring (first step) and an easy lift-off (second step).

Unlike conventional stoppers, the first step requires much less force for removing the safety ring. The second step can be done with the flick of a finger. The finger mould grip creates a pleasing touch sensation and has no sharp edges. The desiccant stopper fits neatly back onto the tube, protecting the remaining tablets.


No additional stability data is required because these new stoppers are produced to the same specification and amount of desiccant as the existing stoppers. The stoppers are also compatible with various tube sizes and materials and can be made available on request. These user-friendly stoppers come with tamper-evident properties.

Source: Hermes Pharma