High Potency APIs

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Umicore is one of the largest producers of platinum APIs for anti-cancer treatment. We pride ourselves in having decades of experience in platinum group metals chemistry and high potency APIs.



Umicore has been producing and marketing high potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (hAPIs) for more than 20 years – complying with cGMP requirements, ICH guidelines and all applicable regulations in the pharmaceutical industry.
Our product portfolio does not only include:
» Cisplatin
» Carboplatin
» Oxaliplatin
but also various exclusive metal-based hAPIs.



Today, our technological expertise includes:
» Chemical synthesis of highly potent APIs
» Inorganic, organic and metal-organic chemistry
» R&D in high containment facilities: isolators, laminar-flow boxes
» Process and product handling under highly inert atmosphere
» Handling of high purity products and pyrophoric materials
» Expertise in analytical method development as well as in process and method validation


Working with us makes you benefit from:
» Professional and dedicated project management
» Full support from pre-clinical to commercial phase, including tech-transfer to our cGMP production facility in Argentina
» Strict protection of your IP
» Expertise in global IP strategy
» Close cooperation with our regulatory affairs department


At Umicore our values are transparent: teamwork, respect, openness, innovation and commitment, as well as trust and reliability reflect our basic business principles. Contact us to see for yourself.


Contact Details :


Website: www.chemistry.umicore.com/api

E-mail: api@umicore.com