High quality pharmaceutical packaging products

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Sterilin high quality plastic packaging products are ideal for storing and transporting a wide range of pharmaceutical products. Manufactured from FDA approved materials, the range includes a large variety of shapes and sizes, and offers a wide range of different caps and closures to suit the needs every customer.

Sterilin high quality, leak proof plastic packaging products are suitable for the safe transport and storage of pharmaceutical products in liquid, tablet or powder formats. They are available in an extensive range of sizes (25ml to 2000ml) and in a variety of designs, neck widths and closure options to suit individual product needs. Bespoke products are also available.

Closure options for Sterilin packaging products include child resistant and/or tamper evident caps/closures of various sizes, standard dispensing caps, or a variety of specialist options, including: spouts, pump dispensers, atomisers, trigger sprays, caps with brushes, droppers and induction heat seals.

Sterilin bottles are available with sloped shoulders, for even and maximum dispensing of liquids, or with square shoulders for an increased label area. Manufactured from FDA approved materials, they are available in chemical-resistant HDPE or autoclavable PP. Sloped shoulder bottles are also available in squeezable CDPE, ideal for dispensing of gels. The wide necked bottles ensure easy filling and dispensing, making them particularly suitable for tablets and powders.


The extensive standard range of Sterilin packaging products offers a high degree of flexibility for different customer requirements. Customised packaging products are also available, including pigmented plastic, labelling or printing, subject to a minimum order and agreement of design.

Sterilin is part of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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