Hovione Partners with Merrion Pharmaceuticals on Absorption-Enhancing Technology

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Hovione will use Merrion's GIPET absorption-enhancing technology for solid-dosage drugs.

Hovione and Merrion Pharmaceuticals are partnering on the use of Merrion’s patented GIPET absorption-enhancing technology by Hovione clients. Hovione will use GIPET as a method to address the permeability limitations of Biopharmaceutics Classification System class III and IV drugs and to develop tablet formulations for compounds that otherwise may have been administered by injection.

Hovione and Merrion Pharmaceuticals have already established a cooperative relationship on technical issues relating to GIPET manufacture, and the agreement provides for the companies to collaborate on the feasibility assessment of GIPET with development compounds introduced by third parties.


Source: Hovione