Hovione Technology Acquires Rights to New Blister-Based Inhaler

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Hovione Technology has acquired global rights to a dry powder inhaler for pulmonary drug delivery, the Papillon DPI invented by Dr. Klaus-Dieter Beller.

Hovione Technology, a HovioneVentures company, announced in an April 15, 2019 press release that it has secured global rights to develop and commercialize a new, affordable, multi-use blister-based dry powder inhaler (DPI) patented by inventor Dr. Klaus-Dieter Beller. The two parties will continue to collaborate on the inhaler, which will be marketed as the Papillon DPI.

The new device is a single-part, blister-based, reusable inhaler, suitable for both chronic and acute treatments. It can accommodate a single- or double-blister configuration. The unit dose costs are competitive to multi-dose inhalers at a fraction of the development cost and risk associated with complex devices, according to the press release.

Hovione Technology has a co-promotional agreement with API manufacturer Hovione, and together they are able to provide access to a complete portfolio of innovative DPI devices integrated with inhalation API, formulation development, and industrial manufacturing to pharmaceutical companies focusing on inhaled drugs.


Source: Hovione Technology