HPC Binder Designed for Small Tablets

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Ashland introduces Klucel EXF Ultra HPC, a low friability, high strength binder.

Ashland has introduced Klucel EXF Ultra HPC, a tablet binder that was developed to enable drug manufacturers to use smaller-size tablets for patients that have challenges swallowing. The announcement was made in an April 30, 2019 press statement.

The hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) excipient has exceptional binder efficiency, compressibility, and plasticity with enhanced tablet strength and low friability at usage levels as low as 1–2%, the company reports. The HPC also features an ultra-fine particle size and is designed to enhance hardness and improve friability, which may reduce defect rates.

Ashland reports that the company introduced HPC more than 65 years ago; the Klucel brand has been used for direct compression and dry granulation. The latest version of the HPC was designed to improve manufacturing costs and patient-centric drug delivery by improving tablet binding effectiveness.


Source: Ashland