I Holland to Launch Two New Products at ACHEMA

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The MF80 automated punch polisher offers increased polishing capacity per cycle.

I Holland will be launching two new products at ACHEMA 2015-eXtended Dwell Flat (XDF) and I Holland Tool Management System (IH-TMS). 

I Holland’s new XDF is a patented elliptical head form designed to increase dwell time on an existing press without the need for modifications. Higher press speeds and faster press operation can be achieved with XDF, according to I Holland. XDF has been designed to run on standard cams. It is said to enhance tablet compaction and cohesion and can increase dwell time by up to 50% over a standard punch head allowing more dwell than a D-type punch on a B-type tool. 

The IH-TMS is a stand-alone tooling management system for proactive monitoring of tool rotations, tooling inventory, and tooling maintenance. It is equipped with the capability to archive tool images and drawings, and will keep record of tablet quantities by number of tablets, work order, or batch information. According to I Holland, the system is easy to use, with a simple touch screen interface that sends an alert signal if there is over compression, or when tooling replacement and schedule maintenance are required.

MF80 automated punch polisher

I Holland will also be showcasing its new automated punch polisher. According to I Holland, the MF80 automated punch polisher offers increased polishing capacity per cycle.


Andy Dumelow, the company’s PharmaCare equipment manager, noted in a press statement that automated polishing is becoming the preferred method of polishing tablet tooling. It offers advantages in terms of operational performance and economic benefits. For example, automated polishing eliminates potential variations associated with a manual process, and punches can be polished to a micro fine, consistent finish within a 20-minute cycle.

Punch polishing can prolong the lifespan of tablet compression tools, if performed correctly. The MF80 has been designed to increase polishing volume. The product’s 80-L drum can hold up to 17 B or 12 D punches per holder, allowing a maximum of 85 B or 60 D punches per polishing cycle. The MF80 machine polishes dull and discolored punches by using a drag finishing process. 

Source: I Holland, Hall 3.0, Stand H100