I Holland's MF80 Automated Punch Polisher

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: I Holland’s MF80 Automated Punch Polisher fits seamlessly into the tool room environment ensuring optimum GMP compliance. Increased holder capacity allows more punches to be polished per cycle.


I Holland, the leading specialist manufacturer of tablet tooling for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries has launched the innovative MF80 automated punch polisher, which offers a large capacity for increased polishing per cycle.



MF80 has been designed to increase polishing volume, thanks to the product’s 80 litre drum which can hold up to 17 B or 12 D punches per holder, giving a maximum of 85 B or 60 D punches per polishing cycle.


It offers a solution to overcoming tooling problems like sticking and corrosion, and will polish dull and discoloured punches to a micro fine, high quality finish, by using a drag finishing process.  Punches are automatically rotated through media and polishing paste, saving time over manual polishing operations and ensuring a consistent result.


The importance of maintaining tools is essential to extending the life of tablet tooling and by using a machine like the MF80 as part of the I Holland 7 Step PharmaCare®process, a professional maintenance and storage programme, tooling life will be extended.


The new automated punch polisher offers a smooth operation, whilst improving efficiency in the tablet press resulting in a quality tablet. Operated via touchscreen software and available in several languages, the MF80 is now used by manufacturers’ world-wide.


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