Impact Analytical Expands Michigan Facility

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Impact Analytical's facility in Michigan adds staff and instrumentation.

Impact Analytical’s new facility, located in Midland, Mich., has added $200,000 in instrumentation and brought on several additional analytical and business development experts to support its testing services since its opening in June 2013.

The new instrumentation gives Impact the opportunity to strengthen its core capabilities, including ICP-MS to comply with new USP methods (<232> and <233>) for heavy metals, ion chromatography, an ASE extractor for use in extractables and leachables studies, and a LC-MS Q-TOF system with exact mass capabilities.

The new site includes 35 scientists who operate more than 80 instruments in six areas, including elemental analysis, gas separation, liquid separation, microscopy, molecular characterization, and thermal and mechanical properties.

Source: Impact Analytical