Implementing Continuous Bioprocessing: From Theory to Practice

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Trends in Manufacturing, May 2022, Volume 2022 eBook, Issue 2
Pages: 36–38

The struggle to implement continuous biomanufacturing at GMP level is slowly advancing.

The evolution of technologies on the bioprocessing front is enabling an ability to perform continuous processing for biologic production. Although successes have been shown at small scale, challenges arise when translating continuous processes to large-scale good manufacturing practice (GMP) level. With the help of technological advances and innovative thinking, however, the potential to implement GMP-scale continuous bioprocessing is getting closer to reality. This article looks at real-world experiences of some companies that tested out the implementation of continuous manufacturing systems for GMP-scale biologics manufacture.

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About the author

Feliza Mirasol is the science editor for Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmaceutical Technology Europe.

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Pharmaceutical Technology
eBook: Trends in Manufacturing, May 2022
May 2022
Pages: 36–38


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