Improving Intranasal Treatments with Dr. Ferrer BioPharma at CPHI Barcelona

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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe® spoke with Gustavo Ferrer from Dr. Ferrer BioPharma, a US company focused on innovative intranasal medications, at the inaugural Start-Up Market on the show floor at CPHI Barcelona 2023.


Demand for intranasal drug delivery methods has been spurred on by various factors, such as the rising prevalence of allergic rhinitis cases and asthma. As a convenient, non-invasive, alternative route of administration, continued growth in the sector has been forecasted by market researchers (1).

Dr. Ferrer BioPharma—a Florida, US-based company that was founded in 2020—is focused on innovation in the field of intranasal medicines through the use of nanoparticle technology. During CPHI Barcelona 2023, Pharmaceutical Technology Europe® spoke with Dr. Ferrer BioPharma’s CEO, Gustavo Ferrer, to learn more.

Origins in the clinic

“Dr. Ferrer BioPharma is a company that was originated by a group of clinicians/doctors and the whole idea was to look into how we can improve the medications that are delivered into the upper airways—the nose and the respiratory system,” Ferrer specified.

Over a decade ago, Ferrer explained that he and his colleagues started looking into specific things that were bothering patients and clinicians around treatment. Collating the information that was gathered into a book, it became apparent that with over-the-counter medicines that were being consumed, neither the patient nor clinician fully understood what they were using, Ferrer continued.

Using the collected data, it was then possible to start working on optimized medications and associated delivery systems, Ferrer stated. “And, [we are] looking into ways of integrating the delivery service more as well,” he said.

Phenomenal access

The inaugural Start-Up Market at CPHI Barcelona 2023 has been a great success, according to Ferrar. “[The market] gave us access to presenting our information on our data, discussing with big companies, big tech companies that are looking into new innovations that are coming to CPHI,” he asserted.

Next year’s start-up area should be even more well attended in Ferrar’s opinion. “This is the first time that CPHI has done this [start-up area], and I think it has been highly successful,” he said. “I think, next year, in Milan, you’re going to see a lot more [start-ups].”

The Europe market

In the future, Ferrar noted that Dr. Ferrar BioPharma will continue to optimize drug delivery, providing solutions for medicines to be available with less side effect, so, the pathway to the consumer is shorter. “Our goal in the next few years is to get into the European market,” he revealed.


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Dr. Ferrer BioPharma was featured at the inaugural Start-Up Market on the show floor at CPHI Barcelona 2023. CPHI Barcelona ran from Oct. 24–26, 2023.