Inventory Management Software Designed for Biopharma

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InstantGMP INV is a validated software for real-time material tracking and inventory control in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

InstantGMP INV is a validated software that was created by pharmaceutical industry experts at InstantGMP Inc. to provide inventory controls for biopharmaceutical manufacturing companies. The software provides complete traceability through real-time material tracking and tracing and increases inventory control through partial receipts and split lots. Users can quickly identify a material’s use in batches and tie it back to a specific vendor lot. The software centralizes inventory commands to a singular screen and is set up to use barcode labels and 21 Code of Federal Regulations Part 11-compliant digital signatures. 

The software simplifies users’ abilities to quickly find materials and move inventory between bin locations, facilities, and rooms. It is fully validated and can be customized and integrated with electronic batch records or document management.

Source: InstantGMP