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ITW Reagents is fully integrated by AppliChem GmbH and PanReac Química SLU companies, under unique commercial brand PanReac AppliChem. The Division has two production plants in Spain and Germany.


With 75 years’ of experience, ITW Reagents is a Chemical producer of high quality chemicals for pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.



One of these processes is the pH adjustment in pharmaceutical production. In this process it is important to use reagents of the appropriate quality grade. Laboratory products are not suitable for this particular application as some important certificates requested by authorities will be missing.


Main advantages of PanReac AppliChem products:

  • Acids and bases at different concentrations for different applications.

  • Pharma grade: specifications according to main pharmacopoeias (USP and Ph. Eur.).

  • Documents and certificates that regulatory bodies require: BSE / TSE, GMO, residual solvents, allergens, trace metal residues, etc.

  • Different pack sizes are available to adjust your particular needs.

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