January 2009 Editor's Picks: Products from Clark Solutions and Neopac

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Equipment and Processing Report

Equipment and Processing Report, Equipment and Processing Report-01-21-2009, Volume 0, Issue 0

PharmTech's monthly newsletter, Equipment & Processing Report, reviews the Editor's Picks for the January 2009 edition from Clark Solutions and Neopac.

Clark Solutions
Small pumps handle liquids and gases

Clark Solutions (Hudson, MA) recently introduced its “Boxer 5100” and “5200” diaphragm pumps, which can be used as sampling or fluid-transfer pumps for small volumes of liquid and gas. The devices are available in single-head models and dual-head models. The dual-head units can be configured for serial or parallel operation and provide a maximum combined flow of 10 L/min of gas and 900 mL/min of liquids. The products’ wetted parts are made of silicone and polyphenylene.

The 5100 and 5200 devices can operate at an ambient temperature of 40 °C and handle media as hot as 50 °C. The compact pumps are supplied with clips for easy mounting. Customers can choose from various direct-current motors to power the diaphragm pumps. The devices are self-priming and provide maintenance-free operation, according to the company.


Tube includes pressure-activated valve

Neopac’s (Oberdiessbach, Switzerland) “Polyfoil” tubes are now available with the “Pinpoint” applicator, a cone-shaped silicone valve that dispenses microliters of gel or cream. The valve opens in response to pressure on the tube and automatically closes after pressure is released. This design prevents leaks and keeps the package hygienically clean. The product can be applied directly onto the skin to reduce the risk of contamination. The package is designed for medications that require controlled, small doses of product.

The Polyfoil tubes are made of a five-layer laminate that includes a polyethylene sealant layer and a polyolefin layer. A laminate that includes a polypropylene layer is also available. The laminate has effective barrier properties and protects sensitive formulations from light, moisture, oxygen, and organic substances. In addition, the foil is corrosion resistant, and Neopac can print on the laminate’s entire surface.