Jones Packaging and TUKU Develop Web-Enabled Packaging Platform

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The companies entered into a commercial collaboration to develop web-enabled packaging for pharmaceutical and consumer goods companies.

On May 17, 2016, Jones Packaging entered into a commercial collaboration with TUKU, a mobile marketing company, according to a press announcement. The companies will integrate TUKU’s content management technology with Jones’ printed packaging solutions to provide web-enabled packaging to pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods companies. The integrated platform will deliver product information and promotions direct from the package to consumers’ mobile devices.

The combination of Jones’ connected packaging with TUKU’s content delivery platform creates a new, in-store media channel that communicates brand messages to consumer mobile devices at the point of retail display, Jones said in a press announcement. The technology engages with the consumer who taps their near field communication-enabled device to the package, or scans a QR code, to activate media messages. The message can be customized and adapted in real-time to deliver promotions at the store and SKU level for a specified date–time range. In addition, the channel facilitates social sharing, social commerce, peer recommendation, peer validation, and a range of custom options.


Source: Jones Packaging