Jubilant HollisterStier Sterile Expansion Project Continues

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Jubilant HollisterStier added an ampul filling line utilizing a rigid barrier system.

Jubilant HollisterStier has completed the first phase of a sterile-manufacturing capacity expansion at the company’s Montreal-based manufacturing facility with the addition of a new ampoule filling line utilizing a rigid barrier system. The new manufacturing area will expand ampoule manufacturing capacity in Montreal by nearly 200%. In addition, expansions to the sterile areas at Jubilant HollisterStier have been optimized through implementation of lean and six-sigma initiatives.

The new area is scheduled to be ready for product on Sept. 9, 2013. A significant portion of the expanded capacity has already been allocated to new customer products that will be manufactured at the site. Jubilant HollisterStier is a subsidiary of Jubilant Life Sciences, an integrated pharmaceutical and life sciences company headquartered in India.


Source: Jubilant HollisterStier