Kindeva and BOL Pharma to Develop Inhaled Cannabinoid Products

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A development agreement will study inhaled formulations of cannabinoid-based drug product for central nervous system diseases.

Kindeva Drug Delivery will study the feasibility to develop novel inhaled formulations of Breath of Life International’s (BOL Pharma’s) cannabinoid-based drug products using Kindeva’s metered-dose inhaler technology, according to an agreement announced on Dec. 2, 2020.

The products under development—and subject to regulatory approval—target central nervous system diseases, including autism spectrum disorder, epilepsy, and general severe pain and anxiety experienced as part of conditions such as palliative care and diabetic neuropathy, the companies reported in a press statement. Success of the early-stage activity could result in a commercial supply of regulated inhaled cannabinoid products for the United States, United Kingdom, and European Union, the companies reported.

“We are thrilled to launch this partnership with BOL Pharma,” said Aaron Mann, CEO of Kindeva Drug Delivery in the statement. “This is a partnership between two highly innovative and growing companies. BOL Pharma is an acknowledged leader in medical cannabis, and I’m excited that Kindeva has the opportunity to support their progress in this space. Kindeva’s formulation and development expertise, built on more than 20 successful customer launches, enables us to be a strategic partner to BOL Pharma throughout the development lifecycle. Most importantly, the successful development of these products would ultimately offer patients a new and valuable tool for treating truly debilitating conditions.”

“We are excited to form a partnership with Kindeva Drug Delivery, formerly 3M Drug Delivery Systems, a recognized global leader in the development of complex drugs, to develop a best-in-class inhaler,” said Kfir Avraham, CEO of BOL Pharma in the statement. “By entering into this collaboration, BOL Pharma reaffirms its commitment to developing pharmaceutical-based cannabinoid products to address serious medical needs. This partnership, bringing together two leading companies, will provide a patient-centric solution to those at need.”


“Applications for inhaled therapies go beyond respiratory diseases,” said Mann in the statement. “In this case, we’re looking at the systemic delivery of drugs via the lungs. Due to heightened bioavailability compared to oral delivery, inhaled cannabinoids have the possibility to significantly reduce the dosage and reduce the variability currently observed with cannabinoid treatment, with the potential to also enhance the overall accuracy, safety, and efficacy.”

Source: Kindeva Drug Delivery