KSL Biomedical Acquires Pulse Scientific, Expanding Laboratory and Assay Capabilities

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KSL Biomedical announced their expansion into Canada with the acquisition of Pulse Scientific and the incorporation of KSL Biomedical Canada.

KSL Biomedical, developers of novel diagnostic and therapeutic applications, announced their expansion into Canada with the acquisition of Pulse Scientific, a diagnostic products manufacturer and distributor of medical, laboratory, and research products, in a Sept. 27, 2021, press release. The incorporation of KSL Biomedical Canada and the acquisition of Pulse Scientific extended KSL’s international base for product distribution and laboratory sales.

The acquisition positions KSL to distribute medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics in Canada, Europe, and other global markets. In addition, the acquisition allows KSL to add proprietary products and services to its pipeline, including exclusive diagnostics, laboratory products, medical devices, and assays.

Specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of technical microbiology products as well as in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for laboratories and physicians, Pulse Scientific is ISO 13485 certified and licensed by Health Canada. Meanwhile, KSL is a a regulatory agent and contract research organization, and will work to secure Health Canada clearance for manufacturers outside of Canada seeking access to the Canadian market. KSL will also work with Canadian companies seeking regulatory clearances in large markets outside of Canada.


“Our leadership team brings to Canada decades of scientific training and experience in diagnostics and deep relationships with market leaders who can assist in identifying emerging industry opportunities and introducing novel applications to address them. We expect the acquisition to invigorate access to markets for existing Pulse Scientific and KSL Biomedical products, as well as complementary products to be identified by our incoming Canadian business development team,” said Kevin Lawson, president and CEO of KSL Biomedical.

Source: Businesswire, KSL Biomedical