Kurmann Partners Develop Interactive Map of Manufacturing Sites

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The M&A advisory firm has developed an interactive map of manufacturing sites to give insight into the market size of global manufacturing.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory firm Kurmann Partners developed an interactive map of manufacturing sites with FDA and European Medicines Agency (EMA) approvals in the manufacturing, analysis, packaging, and distribution of pharmaceuticals.

Each dot on the map represents a manufacturing permit and is placed at the approximate location of the corresponding site. Permits can be filtered by type, site geography, and governing authority (EMA or FDA). Sites can be selected by governing body, type of approval, and keyword. Regions can be selected by zooming in, with full details on record revealed by hovering the mouse over a dot.

According to the company, the map was developed to give insight into the global market size of outsourced and in-house manufacturing. Included in the 24,000 listed manufacturing sites are sites that possess both FDA and EMA permits.


Data for the map was extracted from FDA’s website in March 2017, as well as EMA’s EUDRA website, and were geocoded using Google’s geocoding service.

Source: Kurmann Partners