Lab-Scale Capsule Filler Provides Flexibility for Dosing Small Quantities

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New features of Syntegon’s GKF 60 capsule filler include a piezo dosing system, an Automated Process Development tool, and quick changeover to containment.

Syntegon Technology’s new GKF 60 for lab-scale capsule filling provides multiple dosing systems, including a new piezo dosing system as well as conventional dosing modules for dry powder inhalation (DPI), pellets, tablets, or liquids. The system has a mini-bowl station to ease scale-up to the next larger production machine.

The compact machine has six stations, and three filling stations can be integrated in parallel. The piezo station is designed to fill small quantities flexibly and, if possible, without product loss, which is especially important for high-priced active ingredients. This station can dose quantities as small as 0.1 mg filling weight, for example for toxicity or first-in-man studies. Each dosing station can be optionally equipped with a gravimetric, 100% weighing system for each component dosed.

A new Automated Process Development (APD) tool developed by Syntegon can be used on the GKF 60 to determine the optimum parameters for filling and automatically adjust them during the filling process.


The filler is available in a standard version, a version with containment, or a combi solution, and the machine has a new design for quick changeover that uses exchangeable cabin elements and a sophisticated cleaning concept. The standard version can also be easily retrofitted.

In addition, scale up to production is easy because the GKF 60 is compatible with the Syntegon's smallest production-scale capsule filling machine (the GKF 720).

Source: Syntegon