Labeling Machine Offers Tamper Evidence

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The Tamper Evident Labeller from LSS Labelling Systems Scandinavia is compliant with the European Falsified Medicines Directive.

The Tamper Evident Labeller from Danish labeling company LSS is in compliance with the European Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) 2011/62/EU, which includes the requirement for tamper-proof security of cartons. The labeling machine seals the carton, and as an option, a printer and vision system of any brand can be integrated to provide each carton with a unique identification for track and trace and serialization.

The equipment has a capacity of up to 300 cartons per minute. It provides tamper-proof sealing of reverse tuck-end and airplane-closing cartons. The flexible machine handles cartons ranging from 50–220 mm in width, 15–120 mm in height, and 40–120 mm in length. Both transparent and non-transparent labels can be applied. The machine has a small footprint and can be used as an off-line or in-line unit. When entering the machine, each carton’s position and length is registered, and the labeler can stop and restart the process at any position and still maintain a safe product register.

Source: LSS