L.B. Bohle continuous production unit

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Together with a consortium from industry and academia L.B. Bohle developed the continuous processing unit for pharmaceutical solid dosage forms. In contrast to existing systems, Bohle´s modular system allows the flexible arrangement of different unit operations, opening the path for a specialized solution depending on the requirements of the customer. In this way the three most commonly production layouts direct compression, wet granulation and dry granulation can be realized. The inclusion of dry compaction in a continuous working process is unique and it is much more economic and less energy intensive in contrast to wet granulation.
The software integration, in turn, forms the basis of permanent monitoring, controlling, and documentation of the continuous production process. Advanced spectroscopy technologies, e.g. NIR and Raman, enable precise measurement and analysis during the individual production steps. By the integrated analytics the interim storage and the laboratory analytics will mostly become obsolete. The manufacturing process will be also reduced, allowing higher production capacities and faster response to short-term demands. With the continuous processes the scale up of the production output is achieved by extending the production time, rather than by batch sizes.
The unit provides a nominal output range of approx. 5 to 25 kg/h.


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