Leistritz Expands NJ Laboratory

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The company installed a ZSE-3D twin screw extrusion system at its Somerville, NJ process laboratory.

On Aug. 27, 2018, Leistritz announced the installation of a ZSE-3D twin-screw extrusion system at its Somerville, NJ process laboratory. The system facilitates the development and production of 3D filaments from a co-rotating or counter-rotating twin screw extruder.

According to the company, direct extrusion of raw materials enables rapid product sampling and also results in one-less heat and shear history as compared to two-step processes, which is beneficial for heat and shear sensitive formulations.

The system features the following: 


  • Configuration for continuous mixing of polymers, actives, and excipients

  • Loss-in-weight feeders for pellets, powders, or fibers

  • Liquid injection system

  • Gear pump front-end attachment

  • 3D filament die for 1–5 mm diameter parts

  • Air-rack or water tank with sizing bushing

  • Downstream system consisting of a belt puller, laser gauge, and winder (or cutter).

The company states that the system is suitable for in-line compounding of excipients with APIs, to quickly develop new filaments and formulations. Formulations can be modified extemporaneously for rapid sampling of filaments with different formulation percentages. A sample can be produced every 10 minutes. The filament system is configured for water-soluble and high-temperature applications.

Source: Leistritz