Leistritz to Host Annual Twin Screw Extrusion Workshop

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Leistritz’s Twin Screw Extrusion Workshop will take place on Nov. 29–30, 2017 in both Clifton, NJ and the NJ Leistritz facility, and will feature classroom sessions and equipment demonstrations.

Leistritz announced its annual Twin Screw Extrusion Workshop happening Nov. 29–30, 2017. The event will feature classroom sessions taking place at the Holiday Inn in Clinton, NJ and equipment demonstrations at the company’s NJ-based process laboratory.

Classroom topics include the following:

  • Co-rotating and counter-rotating twin screw extrusion technology

  • Screw design and process techniques 

  • Techniques for dispersive and/or distributive mixing

  • Devolatilization process techniques and practices

  • Scale-up of the twin screw extrusion process

  • Feeder and material handling for pellets, powders and liquids

  • Die and downstream system technologies

  • Process troubleshooting

  • Screw assembly and disassembly

  • Twin screw extruder maintenance tips and procedures.

The workshop demonstrations at the process laboratory will cover the following topics:

  • Co-rotating and counter-rotating twin screw extruders 

  • Devolatilization via extrusion: ambient, vacuum assist, and multi-stage

  • Downstream addition of fillers, fibers and additives

  • Direct sheet/film extrusion with gear pump front-end

  • Foam extrusion via supercritical injection.

The workshop will also include industry and academia contributions.

Source: Leistritz